Welcome to Food Moods!

Food Moods is a blog devoted to helping New Yorkers and visitors alike find the perfect restaurant to meet the very specific mood they find themselves in — or as some (read: me) might call it, a food mood). You know how Netflix targets you with the most specific movie categories to help you find just the one you’re looking for? Think of this like that.

Who am I?

I’m Ali, a consultant by day and a food-obsessed New York by night (well, all the time really, as much as my free time allows). Note how longingly I’m gazing at that taco above. Because of this, my friends are often texting me for restaurant recommendations. Often times, these asks are attached to some fairly specific criteria (read: where can I go on a first date with a guy for lunch where we can sit outside? What’s a good place to celebrate my birthday if my parents are paying? Where can I go for brunch that’s awesome and trendy but I can avoid the insta-hoes?). This blog is my answer to allllll that.

But, wait! There’s more!

While my main goal with this website is to satisfy any particular restaurant craving you may have (see: Moods), I have also provided more in-depth of reviews of restaurants across NY (see: Reviews), as well as guides to specific neighborhoods (see: Staples). I hope you can use these to find some favorite spots in your new ‘hood. As a consultant, I also spend a lot of time traveling for work, and will provide some recommendations in the cities I go to as I frequent them.