WFH Friday

Work-from-home Friday, brought to you by Food Moods.

Working from home is great, but sometimes you want to get out. I always walk by people sitting in coffee shops, typing away on their computers, and think how nice and pleasant it looks. The problem, however, is that it’s tough to find a place that has all of the comforts of just working from my couch. Ok, not all the comforts, but the necessities (see below). Requirements for posting up on a WFH Friday include:

  1. Free and reliable WiFi
  2. Water (that you don’t have to bug the barista for)
  3. Outlets
  4. Aesthetic


For those on the UES, look no further than Ines. If you live elsewhere, still consider spending the day there. Beyond the great menu, other perks include: free WiFi, subway tile-and-marble counter aesthetic, friendly staff, and a constantly-full jug of water accessible to all.

Upper East Side

Think Coffee

Think has quite a few locations around the city, my personal favorite to work out of is the one on 12th and 4th Ave (Union Sq). Think fits all of the previously mentioned requirements. WiFi? Yes. Snacks? Yes. Outlets? Yes. Definitely on the busier side, but you shouldn’t have too hard a time snagging a table.

Joe’s Coffee

Joe’s is full of work-from-homers. Everyone’s sipping on coffee, air pods in, glued to their computer screens. While the locations are small, the coffee is good and there are outlets available in case you need to spend a few hours.

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