A hidden gem of the UES. This place looks and feels like it should be downtown, and has the menu to back it up. Let me start by saying that they have the best chai tea latte I’ve ever had – and no matter your usual milk preference, get it with oat milk. The menu is full of healthy, filling options — perfect if you’re going to post up banging on your keyboard for hours. Delicious too (see picture of phenomenal banana, strawberry, nutella, and honey tartine above). Beyond the menu, other perks include: free WiFi, subway tile-and-marble counter aesthetic, friendly staff, and a constantly-full jug of water accessible to all. Could not ask for a better, cuter spot to hang for a morning, or an afternoon, or both. Rumor has it, they’ve just obtained a liquor license, and will vamping up the menu and the hours to match. More to come.

neighborhood: upper east side
Price: $$
What to order: Nutella tartine, chai tea latte with oat milk


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