Mission Chinese

“Or you’re just gifted and you’re expressing what you want to do. I think Mission Chinese is probably the purest example of that. Danny [Bowein] is Korean by birth but in no other way Korean. Cooking kind of Chinese food with a Filipina chef, with pizza and roast beef on the menu, and all of it is awesome and fun and actually a perfect expression  —  if there’s any restaurant  that’s a perfect expression — of New York, and the New York experience,” – Anthony Bourdain


This is not your average Chinese restaurant. Going to Mission Chinese is more of an experience than a meal, and definitely a place to be impressed by. First off, you can’t really go wrong with what you order. It’s one of those places you go to and get completely overwhelmed by what to order (at least if you’re like me and you have the ability to be completely overwhelmed by a menu). You want everything. Everything sounds good. I will admit that I do this at all restaurants, but regardless, this is a place where it would behoove you to befriend your server. Let them guide you on what to order so you can take a deep breath and enjoy the eclectic, downtown ambiance. If you’re an Anthony Bourdain fan, this is your kind of restaurant.

neighborhood: chinatown
Price: $$$
What to order: salt cod fried rice

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