Only been for brunch but it was AWESOME. So french, so tasty, so West Village. There is nothing better on a lazy, warm, spring/fall/summer/(okay, winter too honestly) morning than a Buvette breakfast. The eggs are unparalleled, and the eclectic, homey, curated vibes, paired with the wonderful food, transport you to Paris in the middle of NYC. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Jody Williams was going for when she opened, and she seriously nailed it. No matter the time of day, chocolate mousse is out of the this world. If you’re not willing to wait (which, by the way, you will most certainly do), order the chocolate mousse to-go. Long wait and they do not take reservations. Very tiny, and prepare to be uncomfortable while servers bustle around you. It won’t matter though, whatever you’re eating won’t allow for a bad mood!

neighborhood: west village
price: $$$
what to order: saumon fume, chocolate mousse
link: https://ilovebuvette.com/about

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